Addendum: post election healing

I am being aware I may have overstepped the legitimate grief of others in my last posting.  Taking the viewpoint I did was not intended to minimize or sweep under the rug the legitimate feelings of grief, shock, denial, anger, etc. which are all completely normal and natural when one is suffering a loss.

In this case, as I’m reading various postings, half the people feel they have lost the America they thought they knew, the America they trusted, the America they hoped for, and the America they have been working for.  They have lost the progress that had been being made.  And they have lost faith in the other half of their fellow country men and women, wondering “What were they possibly thinking?!” or “Were they thinking?!”

What I shared yesterday was my own attempt to make sense of why this happened, what I know of how systems interact, with a possible path through the jungle of how to move on from here.  The path is weedy and overgrown, it make take machetes and chainsaws, metaphorically, to open up a path through.

And yet we must try.  We absolutely must hold a limit on unacceptable behavior.  And we must try to understand the anger that covers up the hurt of the other side.  We must.  As I said before, the more extreme and polarized actions and reactions, the larger the pain that is underlying it.  The best way to cool down and stabilize out those actions and reactions is to heal the hurt.

America, we appear to have much hurt under us.  We can heal the hurt.  It is possible.  Adding to the hurt of others, however, does not heal our own hurt.  History is full of the proof of that.  Let us do this differently.

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