On Tolle and IFS

I have been letting percolate for some time the commonalities between IFS Therapy and the teachings of Eckhart Tolle.

I think each model is talking about the same thing.

What Tolle calls Presence, IFS calls Self.

What Tolle calls Ego, IFS calls Protectors (Managers and Firefighters).

What Tolle calls PainBody, IFS calls Exiles.

The commonality is in realizing that Ego/Protectors and PainBody/Exiles are not your core You.  They are subsets of You.

The commonality is in stepping outside of, stepping back from, asking these parts of you to step back from you, in order to find the Calm Core, the Peace that Passes All Understanding, the Joy of Being.

It is there.  It is you.  It is yours for the Being.

Cat as Teacher

Learning life lessons from my cat. “You create what you fear.” He is relatively new to the household. The other two cats have not ever interacted with him in a threatening manner, only curiously. But he is so afraid, his motto apparently is, “The best defense is a good offense.” Therefore, he creates violence and conflict by following his fear and allowing it to rule. If he would remain at peace in himself, there could be peace in his (and our) outside world!