So I’ve recently become a “cancer warrior.” I was diagnosed mid-March. And so I am working on applying all that I know as a therapist. The foundational modality I use, IFS Therapy, focuses on the 8 Cs.

Being diagnosed has taken my need to practice what I preach to another level. Staying calm, keeping a clear thought process, being compassionate with myself and my loved ones, being confident I’ll work through this, staying connected to myself, my people, and Source, being courageous, using a good amount of creativity in the process of learning how to manage and in being life-affirming, and staying curious about every little thing, these are my “works” in this process.

If you also are in the process of working with a body that is not working optimally, I invite you to join me to learn and apply to your situation the good work that IFS is. Plenty of studies have shown that the mind-body connection exists, that positive mental and emotional self-care is tremendously helpful in fostering and encouraging physical health, and that interpersonal support aids as well.

Wellness matters, even when health is in flux.

On Mental and Physical Health

Mind/body interaction.  It is a topic that gets bantered around a bit in certain circles.  Mind affects body.  Body affects mind.  Mental health issues can negatively impact physical health.  Physical health issues can negatively impact mental health.  All true.  Integrating one’s whole self in the pursuit of Healthiness of all types is important for well-rounded, complete, holistic Health.

It is like a boat on the sea.  All aspects of the boat must be leak-free in order for it to rise & stay above the waves.

My training is in mental health.  It is well-shown that good mental health positively affects physical health.  Many authors have written on this, often from a medical and/or physical point of view (Siegel, Ornish, Rankin).

A study published in 2013, for example, showed that IFS Therapy was effective in helping those with rheumatoid arthritis not only cope better with the illness, but actually reduce the pain, and increase functioning.

My mother and grandmother suffered horribly from this disease, so it is a cause close to my heart.  Soon I will be posting here more information on support I will be making available.  Until then, as Jack Horkheimer used to say, “Keep looking up!”